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About Karen Roberts

A participant of various dance forms and physical activities throughout her life, Karen developed a fascination with the body and its ability to move in weird and wonderful ways. She paints using acrylic, latex, and aerosol, on paper, canvas, or walls, to portray moments of transitions, being off balance, falling, recovery, strengthening and growth.
Figures, the body, and movement are recurring themes in my art.

Karen's artwork frequently addresses environmental concerns/issues; reminding us that everything has a purpose, even when it is not clear, what that is. I often find inspiration in ecology, the environment, and site-specific surroundings.  

She chooses to create art that can be seen and appreciated by the public, free and accessible to anyone - bringing beauty to dingy, neglected areas of town. She enjoys working with communities to engage them in the process of change, establishing personal connections and developing a sense of pride in their neighborhood.

Karen has created public art for the City of Toronto, King St. Pilot, streetARToronto, Bell Box Program and private organizations. She has exhibited at Art in the Park, Danforth East Art Fair, Barns Art Market, Artscape, Bata Shoe Museum, Female Eye Film Festival, Contact, Snap, and Dance Ontario. She also shoots and exhibits still photography.

Born in Toronto, she practices in the GTA. Karen graduated from Central Technical 3-year Adult Art, Ryerson Photography and Humber College Audio/Visual Technology Programs.

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