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King's Buried Treasure: King St. Pilot - Everyone is King

During the formative days of Toronto, multiple creeks traversed the land along King St from Bathurst to Jarvis. Cathedral Creek flowed through St. James Park beneath the site of The Cathedral Church of St. James, from Jarvis and King to Church and Adelaide. At least 8 more creeks crossed King Street. They are now buried or dried up.

My road mural depicts a stream, edged with rocks, pebbles, mud and brush; resurrecting the lost creeks of King St. The mural meanders along the public space, adding colour, beautifying the street and providing an infusion of nature in the heart of downtown. Animal footprints are painted onto the road using a super hydrophobic solution. This animated feature is invisible in dry weather and visible when it rains. Horse, deer, moose, rabbit, fox, beaver, raccoon, squirrel and bird tracks surround the stream when wet. As the sun shines and dries the sidewalk, their existence fades from sight, just as the creatures did. 

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